Hurricane Harvey – Positive Thoughts – Part 2

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This is my Part 2 posting about the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.  You can read Part 1 at this link.  You can read Part 3 at this link.  You can read Part 4 at this link.

As I mentioned yesterday, my heart goes out to everyone in the Southeast Texas / Louisiana area who is currently dealing with the ongoing effects of Hurricane Harvey. As I mentined, I grew up in that area and lived there for the first 42 years of my life. I have many friends there and I’ve been through hurricanes before.

While I’m not 100% sure the hurricane itself was worse than any hurricanes before it, I’m extremely certain that the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey is going to be felt much harder and much longer than any hurricanes before it.

This is unprecedented.

As I write this post, the Houston area is just beginning to dig out from the mess that they’re currently in.

It’s only a matter of time before finger-pointing starts as people begin looking for someone to blame for the mess.

  • Was it the federal government for failing to plan for a situation of this magnitude?
  • Was it the government officials who run the City of Houston and Harris County who dropped the ball?
  • Was it the land developers within the City of Houston and Harris County who continued to overbuild, constantly replacing soil that might absorb the water with concrete that doesn’t absorb water?
  • Was it global warming?
  • Was it our fault personally?
  • Was it something else?

What would you say if I told you it doesn’t matter?

Until #3 states:

Blame is irrelevant. Until we stop blaming others (and ourselves for that matter) and start fixing our problems, we will never achieve our maximum potential and evolve as a species.

Blame is irrelevant.

Blaming others is irrelevant.

Blaming ourselves is irrelevant.

All that matters is:

  • identifying the cause of the problem;
  • identifying what needs to be done to fix the problem; and then
  • doing it.

Law #3, the Law of Personal Response-ability states:

One must stop blaming others for anything wrong in their life. In fact, one must also stop blaming themselves. Blame is irrelevant. All that matters is what are you going to do to fix the problem?

Blame is not necessary.

Blame only pretends to be necessary, but it serves no useful purpose.

Blame is irrelevant.

Houston needs to adopt the following 4 word motto:

Stop Blaming – Start Fixing

Benefit #3 states:

By adopting Law #3, the Law of Personal Response-ability into our lives, we will be creating a society where people are encourage to become problem solvers, as opposed to being complainers who either do nothing or possibly make the situation worse.

Response-Ability is a measure of people’s ability to be responsible and to be responsive. Houston is about to be test.

Are they ready for that test?

Houston is the 4th largest city in the United States. Houston is a great city. Houston got kicked in the rear end pretty hard over the past week and it’s hurting. It’s hurting a lot. But Houston is a great city. It can rebuild, It will rebuild.

The question is, what will it rebuild into?

I challenge the leadership and the people of the City of Houston to become the greatest city full of problem solvers this world has ever seen. The leadership is there. The people are there. The opportunity is there.

Will the City of Houston seize that opportunity?

In my next post, we’re going to talk about the wonderful future that is possible for the City of Houston as it begins to rebuild from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey …

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Until next time, remember, Change Begins With You.

Stanley Bronstein


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