Hurricane Harvey – Positive Thoughts – Part 1

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This is my Part 1 posting about the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.  You can read Part 2 at this link.  You can read Part 3 at this link.  You can read Part 4 at this link.

First of all, I want to say my heart goes out to everyone in the Southeast Texas / Louisiana area who is currently dealing with the ongoing effects of Hurricane Harvey.

I grew up in that area and lived there for the first 42 years of my life. I have many friends there and I’ve been through hurricanes before.

I’d like to think I know what the people of Houston, Corpus Christi, Rockport, Victoria and surrounding areas are going through. But do I ?

The problems the people are currently dealing with AND the problems they will face in the future are, quite probably, unprecedented. People have been through natural disasters before, but this one is bad … REALLY BAD …

With all that said and done, here are my thoughts on the matter. In keeping with Concept #1, I’m going to start out by telling it like it is.

Until #1 states:

Until we start telling it like it is and begin adjusting our actions accordingly, we will never achieve our maximum potential and evolve as a species.

So, here goes …

Remember, tough times don’t last … Tough people do … – The people of Texas and Louisiana are tough people. They will survive.

Some people will be in a position to recover a lot more quickly than others … – Some people didn’t suffer as much damage and some people have better financial resources than others. If taken to extremes, this could cause resentment on the part of some and guilt on the part of others. We should try to avoid those negative emotions. They serve no useful purpose.

As bad as the situation is, it presents us with an opportunity … – Whenever we get kicked in the teeth, we can either fall down, or we can stay there, OR we can get back up on our feet, learn from the past, and create something even better than before. The people of Houston, southeast Texas and Louisiana will ultimately choose to do the latter.  They will get back up on their feet, learn from the past and create something even better than before.

Mistakes were made … – None of us are perfect. The people who run the City of Houston and the surrounding areas are not perfect. The developers who turned Houston into the 4th largest city in the USA are not perfect. A lot of things were done right and a lot of things were done wrong. But, that’s not the point here (we’re going to talk about that more in a later post).

This is a personal growth opportunity … – This is a massive personal growth opportunity for not just the people personally affected by this crisis, but for all of America.  This is an opportunity for us to unite, in the spirit of helping each other and of making our country a better place to live.

Some people have more to learn than others … – Reports of looting,  fake charities, scams and such are starting to hit the news, as some people undoubtedly see this as an opportunity to prey on those most affected by this crisis. We should remember to not compromise our principles as we begin to rebuild. This is a time to help each other, not to take advantage of each other.

We should focus on the long-term …

Until #2 states:

Until we adopt long-term thinking and start focusing less on short-term gratification, we will never achieve our maximum potential and evolve as a species.

Well, many of the people of Houston and the surrounding areas have suddenly had many of the short-term things we all take for granted (food, shelter, safety, comfort and so on) taken away from them. They have been forced to put those things aside and to start thinking about the long-term. That is why, as bad as this is, it’s an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to decide who we want to be and what we want to do and then go out and create that …

In my next post, we’re going to talk about how we can go about helping the people affected by Hurricane Harvey and how we should look at the current situation …

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Until next time, remember, Change Begins With You.

Stanley Bronstein

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