Hurricane Harvey – Positive Thoughts – Part 4

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This is my Part 4 posting about the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.  You can read Part 1 at this link.   You can read Part 2 at this link.  You can read Part 3 at this link.

I caught myself complaining about a situation I encountered today in my work as I tried to accommodate a request of one of my clients. Notice I say, “caught myself”.

Here I was moaning and groaning about what turned out to be an inconvenience (and a minor one at that).

I then decided it was an excellent opportunity to apply Concept #6 and Change My Perspective.

Until #6 states:

Until we change our perspective and realize that everything we give and everything we receive in life is a privilege, we will never achieve our maximum potential and evolve as a species.

  • Having clients is a privilege.
  • Having the knowledge and skills to take care of my clients is a privilege.
  • Being able to spend my time taking care of the needs of my clients is a privilege.
  • Helping my clients is NOT an obligation. I don’t have to help them.  I get to help them.
  • Being able to make my living from taking care of the needs of my clients is a privilege.


Here’s some more privileges I’ve received over the past week (as I reflect upon the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey on Texas and Louisiana):

  • My house didn’t flood this week.
  • My cars didn’t flood this week.
  • I didn’t have to evacuate my house this week.
  • My job didn’t get wiped out this week.
  • My neighborhood didn’t get wiped off the map.
  • I wasn’t killed by floodwaters this week.

The list goes on and on and on …

Law #6, the Law of Perspective states:

Sometimes life requires a change in perspective. One’s previous life challenges have made them into the person they are today and given them the potential to develop a fuller perspective as a result, provided they learn from said experiences and move on, as opposed to dwelling on them and looking back.

Here’s what I’m choosing to learn from the Hurricane Harvey experience.

  • I’m lucky. Very lucky.
  • Had I still lived in Houston (as I did 16 years ago), my entire neighborhood would have been flooded.  My life would be an absolute mess right now. I used to carry flood insurance, so it wouldn’t have been a total loss, but I would be going through some tough times right now.
  • In short, I have no problems.

Instead, I’m sitting in my comfortable home in the middle of a hot Arizona day that’s going to reach 106 degrees. Am I going to complain about the heat? Nope … As I said, I have no problems and I have nothing to complain about. I’m using this time to take care of my work and to figure out what I can do to help those back in Houston who weren’t as lucky over the past week as I’ve been.

Also, I’m going to remind myself to continually pay more attention to that which I complain about and periodically ask myself whether or not I really have a problem.

In short, I’m going to continually examine my perspective and ask myself whether or not I should perhaps look at my situation a little bit differently.

Benefit #6 states:

By incorporating Law #6, the Law of Perspective into our lives, we will be creating a society where everything becomes a privilege and nothing is an obligation. We will be creating a society where everyone is encouraged to help each other and to care for each other.

So, as you’re about to enter the long Labor Day weekend I ask you:

Is there anything in your life you might want to look at a little bit differently?

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Until next time, remember, Change Begins With You.

Stanley Bronstein


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